Medicaid Expansion: Policy-Oriented Fact Sheet


Say “Yes” to the Medicaid Expansion


The Medicaid expansion is good for working families

  • If New Hampshire (NH) elects the Medicaid expansion, 58,000 low-income working people in our state will have an affordable, reliable health coverage option and the economic security that comes with it.
  • People who would benefit directly from the Medicaid coverage opportunity are our friends, neighbors, family members, and colleagues in communities all over NH.
  • Study after study indicates that reliable coverage has a beneficial impact on the lives, health outcomes, economic security, productivity, and success of working families. 
  • If NH says “no” to the Medicaid expansion, low-income working people in NH will be left in a “coverage canyon” – as the only population with no available, affordable health coverage option come 2014.


The Medicaid expansion is good for patients, health care providers, and NH’s business community

  • With Medicaid expansion, people will be able to get preventive treatment for illnesses instead of getting much more expensive treatment in the emergency room when they can no longer wait.
  • Expanding Medicaid will decrease the uncompensated care currently being provided by hospitals, doctors, and other community health care providers.
  • As a result, the expansion will help relieve the current pressure on health care providers and health insurers to shift uncompensated care costs onto NH’s business community and onto all of us who pay the cost of private health insurance premiums.


The Medicaid expansion is good for NH businesses

  • This coverage opportunity would benefit businesses in NH that are now unable or struggling mightily to afford to offer coverage to hard-working low-income employees.
  • People who gain health coverage are more productive in an employment context and miss fewer days at work, benefitting employers and the economy overall. Expansion provides the tangible opportunity for a healthier, more productive, and more stable workforce.


The Medicaid expansion is good for NH’s economy

  • According to a study by the Lewin Group, commissioned by the NH Department of Health & Human Services, Medicaid expansion would pump a staggering 2.5 billion federal dollars into NH’s economy over the first 7 years.
  • An impressive measure of these dollars would be for care – including basic primary and preventive care – provided in hospital systems, which are NH’s largest employers and primary economic engines in and for NH communities.
  • The infusion of these additional dollars into NH’s economy and the availability of this new coverage opportunity will create jobs, increase employee income, increase consumer spending, and have enormous benefit in NH communities.


This also is about NH getting its fair share

  • NH taxpayers now send more dollars to Washington than we get back, and this Medicaid coverage opportunity gives us the chance to change that dynamic and get back more of our fair share.
  • If our state says “no” to the Medicaid expansion, NH taxpayers will be paying for and subsidizing the Medicaid expansion in other states across the nation without enjoying any of the real and compelling benefits here at home.


The Medicaid expansion is a great fiscal bargain for NH

  • While securing $2.5 billion in federal funds for our state’s economy, according to the Lewin Group, NH’s share of the cost of the expansion during the first 7 years totals $18.4 million. 
  • To put this into some perspective, $2.5 billion in revenue for the expenditure of $18.4 million in funds represents a mind-boggling 13,400% return on state investment over 7 years. 
  • Further, this $18.4 million in State general fund cost over 7 years is just a bit more than one-quarter of a 1% increase over what NH would be spending on its existing Medicaid program anyway during that same 7 year period – to cover 58,000 additional NH residents at a marked benefit to NH's economy.
  • In our state’s upcoming fiscal biennium (July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2015), the Medicaid expansion (during the 18-month period between January 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015) is an even more startling bargain.  According to the Lewin Group, the expansion would cost NH zero (that’s right, zero) state general fund dollars, while leveraging $422 million in federal funds for the state.


NH simply can’t afford not to do this.


The Medicaid expansion requires transcending partisanship

  • People in NH are tired of partisan gridlock – tired of ideology eclipsing pragmatism and what’s best for our state.
  • Coming together as practical managers and problem-solvers, on a helpful and sensible step forward, is “the NH way.”
  • This Medicaid coverage solution is good for working families, good for health care providers, good for NH's business community, and good for NH’s economy.
  • Say “yes” to the Medicaid expansion.

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